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paused at just the right time

paused at just the right time


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Some facts about the Dragon King and Queen of Bhutan:

Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is 32 years old. He studied at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts (for my TSN peeps, same school as Chris Hughes), Cushing Academy, Wheaton Academy, and graduated from the Foreign Service Programme and International Relations at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. He ascended the throne at age 28, making him the youngest reigning monarch in the world at the time. He has overseen the democratization of the former absolute monarchy after the abdication of his father. He is also known as “Prince Charming” in Thailand and was called “The world’s most handsome king.” He also has represented Bhutan in basketball.

In May 2011, he married Jetsun Pema, who was then 21 years old. Jetsun Pema received education in Bhutan before having convent education in India. She went to Regent’s College in London and studied International Relations as well as Psychology and Art History. She speaks Dzongkha, Hindi, and English fluently, has won prizes for public speaking, and was captain of her school’s basketball team.

The two met when they were seventeen and seven, respectively, and supposedly the then-prince went down on one knee and said that if she was single and interested when she was grown up, he would like to marry her. Reportedly, Pema did not seem to take this all that seriously, as she didn’t ever seriously expect to be queen. Nevertheless, they married and he has stated that, while Bhutan allows polygamy (his father had four wives), he has no intention of marrying anyone else.

King and Queen of Bhutan are my favorite royal couple.
Doesn’t hurt that they’re both fucking gorgeous. 

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ahhhh i am DYING for the new drag race, rn. THIS IS THE WORST. :’